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"My mans and 'em" is a more recent of urban phraseology, made popular by the prolific rapper/actor DMX (Dark Man X). It means "my friends."
See why my "mans and 'em" call me the Benjamin Banneker of the 20th and 21st
by bobo February 21, 2003
pawell is a small aquaic rodent. originated in poland, migrated to the northern united states. its high-pitched squeals can be heard from kilometers away. its fur is very long and blond. approach with eaar-plugs, and extreame caution.
dude, its pawel.cover you're ears and, RUN!!!
by bobo April 08, 2005
Greatest apartment ever. Best adjective to describe something for its greatness.
-Derived from AIPH.
" 307 like what !! "

"Dude thats so 307. "

"Sneaking in, 307 style. "
by Bobo January 06, 2005
a drop of jizz left in your girlfriends hair after spraying it in her face
dam girl u got a jizzlet in ur hair
by bobo December 07, 2004
Too Damn Good.
Man, that was amazing. Just TDG.

Oh my God! That was TDG!
by Bobo June 10, 2003
Scalze was a jolly young chap,
Who always ate his nibblets,
And took after his mom and pap.

He is also amazing fly h0ttt!
Hey, that guy looks just like Scalze! Oh wait, it is.
by Bobo March 28, 2005
a gangster midget
shit that zeboy just raped me and stole my money
by bobo November 09, 2003

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