3 definitions by bobbyw

1.) To give fellatio until one is to run dry of semen.
2.) Used interjectionally without knowing the meaning by the mind-controlling alien in Aqua Teen Hunger Force after he learned it from one of Carls talk-nasty tapes. Then later said at his own will after a job interview.
interviewer: Okay, well when we start hiring.. animals or whatever.. we'll give you a call.
alien: suck it dry!
by bobbyw September 12, 2004
Noun: Acronym for Just Another Myspace Asshole
I was at the bar ordering a drink and a cute girl came up, but sooner I realized she was just a jama.
by bobbyw August 14, 2006
term used by rednecks and meglomaniacs presidents, often as they are stealing out freedoms out from under us, to justify without reason their foolish actions.
The Patriot Act, as pushed by George W Bush
by bobbyw September 12, 2004

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