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1. A popular hair style in which the head is shaven except for the back. On the back of the head are long dread locks forming a mullet

2. A God whos power is almighty, who hangs those who displease him on nooses made from his demonic wip-like dreadlocks, and lets them drag behind him for all of eternity.

3. The most revolting, yet most intruiging haircut of all time.

4. You will know when your near a skull-drullet because you can sense that all hell will soon break loose
"The one that will inherit the skull-drullet will be forever a diety"

"The skull-drullets will inherit the earth"
by bobby socks November 30, 2005
a wet pubic region on a girl
"she was getting so into it, she was rubbing her sandbag on my leg"
by bobby socks November 29, 2005
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