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Wheaton: a some what large suburb or Chicago, holds the record for the most churches per square mile in the united states. MOst people in wheaton are stuck up and moderatly wealthy, while the girls of the town have nothing better to do then cause drama. But their are a few select kids from wheaton warrenvill south high school as well as wheaton north highschool that do not fit this description. On the weekends kids in wheaton enjoy sitting around in parking lots while being drunk and or high. If this does not amuse then they will resort back to their favorite past time getting in fight after fight with Glembard south kids.In summerary there are a select few that no how to get down and party in wheaton, while the rest are tight assed bible banging rich snobs!
person A: excuse me but u live in wheaton right?
person B: yes, why?
person A: can i barrow your bible for a second i want to look something up.
person B: yes, of course u can.( pulls bible out of back pocket)
by bobby dizzle August 02, 2005

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