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A Bushslave is anybody that does something under President Bush ,jr's threat of torture
Congress is a Bushslave when it passes a bill demanded by President Bush ,jr
by Bobby Dias September 18, 2006
A bushslave is anybody that does something under Bush ,jr's
threat of torture
The Congress of the United States is a bushslave by passing legislation demanded by Bush ,jr.
by Bobby Dias September 20, 2006
Yahoo is an uneducated person with a backwoods mentality.
Yahoo! shows its real stupid backwoods mind when somebody tries to get help at Yahoo! Help
by bobby dias June 07, 2007
pecs- Picture Exchange Cards
Picture exchange cards are used to
teach communication skills
Mothers of autistic children use Picture Exchange Cards to teach their children to communicate
by bobby dias August 01, 2004

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