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male seamen:

milky discharge emminating from the male sex organ upon completion of a succesful quack session.(see also, wanking, masturbating, pumping fist).

also: partybroth, jizz, the great splurge.
armedaus: aw mate your room stinks you been quackin off in there or what?

beefoven: i certainly have my good man, in fact i wouldnt touch that jazz mag, theres quack fluid all over it.

armedaus:you stinking jippo haw haw haw.
by bobby dazzler raz raz matazler February 15, 2010
party - broth,

male seamen, the primortial soup (broth) wich is often created during/after any good party.
jimmeny - did you end up gettin with that bird then?

george - yeah man she totally gobbed my partybroth.

jimmeny - rambunctious dude ...sheer rambunctious
by bobby dazzler raz raz matazler February 10, 2010

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