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118 definitions by bobby

really big, very HUGE.
- hey, look at my boobs !
- good lord, you have glorious breasts !
- yeah, they are hummulus.
- be proud !
by bobby September 22, 2004
1 2
When you go to fuck a girl but you reqalize shes a dude you grab her by the toes and staple her to a tree and whip out your cock and beat her to death with it.
"Yo man it happened again"
"I hadda terfidid this bitchdude"
"what'd you do with the body"
"Well i rolled my blueballs away and threw her in a dumpster"
by bobby April 04, 2004
1 2
someone who cheeses butts ... alot
dude eric wittmer is a total butt cheeser devil...he wont quit cheesing my butt.
by bobby March 05, 2004
9 10
Snoopified, Bobbyfied, Blackified word for what gay dudes do at night. That's right poophole screwage.
Pookie and Juju bizzle fizzled last night in the bathtub
by Bobby December 11, 2003
4 5
N. When walking with friends, and having a soda or drink in your hand, you say "my turn" and throw it up in the air, in hoping that it will land on someone.
I threw the Dr. Pepper up in the air while screaming "MY TURN", and landed directly on mike. He took a shower in Dr. Pepper ;-)
by Bobby November 28, 2003
2 3
Nickname for Computer or CPU
My Kupu has about 2.6 Gigahertz, how about your Kupu?
by Bobby October 26, 2003
1 2
Overweight, drug-addicted pedophile. Generally found in the streets of NY, looking for his newest fix.

synonym for FUCKING FATASS
Yo slings, pass the e.

by Bobby March 19, 2003
1 2