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118 definitions by bobby

really big, very HUGE.
- hey, look at my boobs !
- good lord, you have glorious breasts !
- yeah, they are hummulus.
- be proud !
by bobby September 22, 2004
When you go to fuck a girl but you reqalize shes a dude you grab her by the toes and staple her to a tree and whip out your cock and beat her to death with it.
"Yo man it happened again"
"I hadda terfidid this bitchdude"
"what'd you do with the body"
"Well i rolled my blueballs away and threw her in a dumpster"
by bobby April 04, 2004
someone who cheeses butts ... alot
dude eric wittmer is a total butt cheeser devil...he wont quit cheesing my butt.
by bobby March 05, 2004
Snoopified, Bobbyfied, Blackified word for what gay dudes do at night. That's right poophole screwage.
Pookie and Juju bizzle fizzled last night in the bathtub
by Bobby December 11, 2003
N. When walking with friends, and having a soda or drink in your hand, you say "my turn" and throw it up in the air, in hoping that it will land on someone.
I threw the Dr. Pepper up in the air while screaming "MY TURN", and landed directly on mike. He took a shower in Dr. Pepper ;-)
by Bobby November 28, 2003
When you take a shit so big the you rip your asshole so much that you begin to bleed and the blood drips down from your asshole into the toilet and a little gets on the shit and dyes the water red.
Bryant Pack took a shit and riptured himself.
by Bobby April 01, 2005
mouse that has a nose shaped like a penis
An animal that has a cock for a nose
by Bobby March 05, 2005