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City of homeless, unemployed rednecks in northern Illinois. Rockford is like a little hick town except it is quite big, with all the problems of a big city!
I'm gonna go pick up some hookers and drugs in Rockford and then listen to Toby Keith.
by bobby February 01, 2004
a fish or person that is a LOT cooler than a Mi Heng.
Look at that Bobaluchi. He is so much cooler than Mi Heng.
by Bobby December 14, 2003
Snoopified, Bobbyfied, Blackified word for what gay dudes do at night. That's right poophole screwage.
Pookie and Juju bizzle fizzled last night in the bathtub
by Bobby December 11, 2003
The soda beverage Rootbeer, often sipped upon by a moron. AKA "Genuwine Rooty Beer"
Skimme a Genuwine Rootsin! Don't skip on the root!
by bobby August 21, 2003
When you take a shit so big the you rip your asshole so much that you begin to bleed and the blood drips down from your asshole into the toilet and a little gets on the shit and dyes the water red.
Bryant Pack took a shit and riptured himself.
by Bobby April 01, 2005
Bruce you fat flabby git, hope this works lol.
What the hell is you up 2. Has your mutha found that cucumbar Jim shoved up her...?
Yo, What the FCUK. Bruce yo iz nearly Obese. If you woz Ginga youd need to Die It lol
by Bobby November 16, 2004
someone who cheeses butts ... alot
dude eric wittmer is a total butt cheeser devil...he wont quit cheesing my butt.
by bobby March 05, 2004

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