118 definitions by bobby

a wonderful indian furry friend....the most beautiful flower in all my garden..lol
i luv thee naina
by bobby December 20, 2003
1.When you masturbate

2. When you masturbate with other people
i had the fattiest sploogefest yesterday!
by bobby March 08, 2005
An old car that used to be manufactured in Iran.

A very ugly car!!
A piece of shit!
A car that can still kill a civic in a 500 meter drag!
Ricer 1 - Dude that paykan beet me in my new turbo charaged v-tec engine civic!!

Ricer 2 - Wow he must have alot of stickers on it! Let go put more stickers so our car goes faster 2!!!!
by bobby March 02, 2004
one who humps bunkers.
That george is such a bunkahumpa.
by bobby November 29, 2003
1. One's mental state immediately following a severe "Donkey Punch". Symptoms include slurred speach, lazy eyes, and occasional loss of bowel control.
That bitch was so discondokulated, she couldn't dial 9111
by BOBBY September 19, 2003
A nice ass. Badunkadunk. Fanny.
That girl has the nicest pooper ive ever seen.
by Bobby March 30, 2005
it usually means a slag or hooker
that girl is Morbiferous
by bobby October 27, 2004
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