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2 definitions by bobb0913

Gears of War 1 only, requires that you play multiplaer as Dom Santiago. With your three team mates out for the round, kill the first three foes in any, fashion. Use head shots, chainsaws, or hammer of dawn beatdowns for bonsu points. Smoke tag the fourth enemy then down him. Before the smoke settles, approach your foe and press x to curbstomp. Use the control stick to rotate Dom as he stomps for added affect and humiliation
bigguy2: I'm dead, It's up to ou Cheffy
Ymecca: Dope chainsaw stalk. Behind you!
P I IVI p: you just rocked his dome with a boltok!
bigguy2: Triple Melee with the hammer, no way!
all: smoke grenade.
(ChefDog finishes the las enemy with a Dom stomp)
Oooooh the Dom Stomp!
by bobb0913 June 28, 2009
Noun: In Gears of War multiplayer, an action that involves equipping your Lancer and following an unsuspecting foe's every move for at least fifteen seconds and finally cutting the poor bastard in half once he stops.
ChefDog: (to teammates) Don't kill the drone, he's mine
Ymecca: You're right behind him, whip out the shotty and blow him to bits
Bigguy2: (to ymecca) Shh. He's chainsaw stalkin him. (ChefDog cuts drone in half as he picks up the boomshot
by bobb0913 June 28, 2009