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1: An unusually large male sex organ, often hairy.
2: The male sex organ of a beast, such as Beast from the X-Men, Beast from Beauty and the Beast, and Dolph Lundgren.
See also: Dick, Wang, Johnson, Jimmy, Fuckrod, Man Meat, andSchlong
Hey, didn't that guy play Ivan Drago in Rocky IV? Man, does he have a beast cock, or what?!?
by Bob Vila March 02, 2004
Something so cool that you cant even imagine because theres nothing cooler!
Holy @#$% dude!!, that's Waldenshmack!!
by Bob Vila June 23, 2004
The most Queer, ass-nagging slut-fucking sons of bitches that have ever had the audacity to call themselves humans. These are the type of poser-ass emo pieces of shit that arent worth the gunpowder it would take to end their worthless lives and make the world a better place. They should be strung up and forced to watch everyone they ever truly loved be brutally raped and tortured to death before having the same done to them.
extreme doom squad people should have their asses forcibly fornicated by large pieces of spiked metal.
by bob vila March 14, 2005
1: Someone who acts in such a way that it would be classified as gay.
2: Any male who dyes and perms his hair in such a way that it looks like he has pubes growing out of the top of his head.
See also: Fuckrod and Fucktard
Randy dumped his supermodel girlfriend and got a perm. What a gayrod.
by Bob Vila March 02, 2004
1: Someone who acts like a fucking idiot in such a way that it causes problems for others.
2: Anyone who engages in teamkilling, cheating, exploiting or just being an all around idiot in online firstperson shooters.
See also: Fucktard and Gayrod
We can't get up the fucking beach because that guy is 0-34 and he insists on using our only fucking sniper rifle. What a fuckrod!!!
by Bob Vila March 02, 2004
Sarepta = Hell
Sarepta is surrounded by speed traps. You're screwed going into and leaving Hell.
by Bob Vila December 28, 2003
name for an outstanding golfer
"wow i played like Jack Snyder today honey , now give me sum dam dinner."
by Bob Vila April 13, 2005

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