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possibly the most racist of all the garden tools (including the dirty whoe)
(this is the noice the racist chainsaw makes)run nigger nigger nigger-run nigeer nigger nigger-run nigger nigger nigger-run nigger nigger nigger(repeat)
by bob teats April 15, 2010
An old TV show made in the late 70's by the KKK to get young kids happy and get more members
Hey do you want to watch the White Power Hour.
by bob teats April 14, 2010
a long string of comics devolped by a mistical being(me)
remember those inbread slut comics
ya that guy who made them was magical
by bob teats April 23, 2010
A crazy trip video that has girls like coming out of there own vaginas(most likely baced off of acid like the real alice in wonderland) it used to be played in movie theaters and if you saw it while triping you would like die
did you see that tripy video Malice in wonderland
by bob teats April 15, 2010
to mercilessly beat some one with a males muffin top and upper penal area
Wow look at that guy beat his wife with his muffins whip
by bob teats April 07, 2010
the skin underneth a fupa
that fat girl over there probly has a Chomba so long that she could have sex with it
by bob teats April 15, 2010
slowly making it safe for child predators to touch your kids
Obama how I wonder how you got elected
by bob teats April 26, 2010

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