13 definitions by bob hastle

a person who resembles a ass n looks like an old bag...if the appearence doesnt match...you can still be an assbag if your a gay dirty hoe
wow danielle is such an ass bag for gettin her belly button pierced with a corn poker!!!!(her parents used during sexual intercorse
by bob hastle February 23, 2004
beautiful gurl with sexy moves..great smile n perfect boobs*
nice ass n blazin lips*
perfect in every single way except wen she gets naugtay :\
that gurl is such a juliahna* i hate her!!!!!
by bob hastle February 14, 2004
the name given to the ugliest boys in the bunch....the raddish out of all the apples and plums
Look at that raddish straight outta the briar patch
by bob hastle February 20, 2005
you call someone a hobbit...when they are always quiet and it is like dating a moss coverd rock
My ex boyfriend was a mutant hobbit
by bob hastle February 20, 2005
the number one movie to turn a 13 year old girl on...especially with the right moves for ideas look up eat out
we watched american pie does that answer your question of why i am not a boy anymore??
by bob hastle February 15, 2004
wen you have to fart for a very long period of time and it builds up in the buttox and you let go a egg smell and it feels like the popcorn exploded...and it burns like hell
it was hotter than a popcorn fart last night
by bob hastle February 14, 2004

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