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The tuft of hair under a persons lower lip, that when the act of muff diving takes place, the muff tickle caresses the bean.
that dude has a kick ass muff tickler
by Bob Denne January 28, 2004
to masturbate at a leisurely pace
yank the plank
spank the monkey
stroke the solami
pet the one eyed trouser snake
and what you would do in to your bizzles mouth
by bob denne February 04, 2004
the christmas song of jews with dingleberries
dude im so bored i will go and pick my dingles while singing a happy christmas song
by bob denne January 27, 2004
a very cool male whoe wears outlandish clothes and uses bizzles for profit, usually to buy socks. a pimp normally come from deal, hythe, woodtown or lenhem
bob, dickie, phobe and big all are pimps of the highest caliber
by bob denne February 04, 2004
to position ones sack on another ones fore head and letting the shlong drape between the eyes.
i thought i was turning in to an elepahnt, then realised it was a penis, i was being tea bagged
by Bob Denne January 27, 2004

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