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Grade Point Average. The grade point average is a weighted average based on the grades you receive in each course, weighted by the number of credit hours for that course.
Candidates must demonstrate a cume g.p.a. of 3.8 to be granted further consideration.
by bob 'a' March 25, 2004
Cumulative, especially g.p.a.
With a cume of 3.8, she graduated _Magna cum Laude_
by bob 'a' March 25, 2004
(v.t.) usually with "up", especially when referring to money, often in card games and other gambling

possibly from the Spanish /poner/ meaning (but with the generally opposite sense of "down"):
put down
lay down
set down
"OK... the game is Texas Hold 'Em, Jacks or better.... Pony Up!"
by bob 'a' March 25, 2004

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