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showing excessive concern with or indulgence in sexual activity
Every teenage male.
by Bob Jones May 03, 2004
to vomit.

I think I am going to retch.
And suddenly, from out of no where, masses of people ran out of the building, on to the street at near record-setting paces, only stopping to retch. The retching continued, the people in the back and slower ones, slipped on the excretments, and became part of the conglomeration on the ground.
by bob jones February 17, 2005
to lick your fingers before rubbing a female's pussy
" Dude...did you turn her pages?"

"Hell yeah i did"
by bob jones March 24, 2004
The act of anal sex with a kelt while yelling "bitch please"
Nick did you see when brian did the angry floyd last night?
by bob jones March 19, 2005
The BEST darn impact turn ever. Growth bad in a nutshell.
"Group the DAs, go straight down, here comes Ddev!"
by Bob Jones November 09, 2003
A term for a gay swiss/mexican with an affinity for animal sex.
Edgar gave Robby D a rusty Gertch!
by bob jones March 19, 2005
The act of stick a pretzel up your ass and eating it.
Floyd did the dirty wertsie for only five dollars.
by bob jones March 19, 2005
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