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1 definition by boats!!

The nickname of White-Trash women who swear with every third word they say, find the time to smoke 2 packs a day at work, have a cell phone that was purchased in 1997, and who look like Anne Ramsey from "The Goonies."
Me: We're having some good weather today, aren't we?

What's Your 20?: Weather better fuckin stay nice all fuckin day cuz once I leave this fuckin shit hole I gotta pick up my bitch daughter and her fuckin cunt kids.

Me: (Awkward smile and nod)

Whats your 20?: I tell ya, I fuckin ate some bean-picker food last night and, fuck, I've been shitting every 10 minutes since. The fuckin women's toilet looks like a fuckin diarrhea-shit grenade fuckin went off in there. Any chance I can bum a fuckin smoke off ya?

Me: (Blank stare)
by boats!! January 20, 2012