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a boater (or son of a boater/daughter of a boater) that sweats while and/or after and/or before raging his/her ass off and/or or raging out hard as fuck
UB1 - Look at the pit stains on that guy on the dance floor rockin 3buttonsout!

UB2 - "What a sweaty boater."
by boater brigade May 03, 2008
a boater who lacks any and all hygeine, they are also known to laugh with disrepect at a stick of deoderant
The second that guy entered the room the air was ravaged by his body odor, what a smelly boater.
by boater brigade April 14, 2008
an urbanized boater (or son of a boater/daughter of a boater) that knows how to find the inner power to rage his/her ass off and stretch it into an existence and ride it out like a BoaterCruiser series ship till fading out over the seas' horizons
UB3 - "dude tell him about how you're gonna roll!"

UB1 - "i'm gonna drop 2 and rage my ass off . . . hit up maydaze and bounce off the walls . . . dojo down at an afterparty . . . drive to the woods and pass out under the trees . . . wake up, build a raginboaterbonfire, light it and they will come, smash down beers till we drop hopefully in the arms of a lady . . . and fade out the weekend!"

UB2 - "what an urban boater!"
by boater brigade May 03, 2008
To take something meant to keep you partying all night long, go it hard as fuck for 3 minutes and proceed to pass out for 4 hours while still wearing training wheels. Can also include finishing a dj set and in the final 3 minutes proceed to pass out by face planting on the turntables.
Potter popped, and 3 minutes later asked for a quiet place to sleep because he would wake up when it kicked in. 4 hours later he woke up still wearing his training wheels. Man that dude knows how to rock out a 3 minute rage.
by boater brigade April 14, 2008

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