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A human defication. Not to be mistaken for a dog shit on a lawn, but a full fledged human turd left in a public location.
Joel: Why do people let there dogs shit here where I have to clean it up?

Forrest: That's not a dog shit, that is a real manduce. Some poor soul had to go so bad he took it here in front of the school.
by boat crew September 11, 2011
A person who snorts alot of cocaine or crank. Very popular in the late 80's and early 90's..
I used to hang out with alot of mirror snorkelers in high school. They were always in the bathroom rolling up their dollar bills to snort their speed.
by boat crew April 28, 2011
A little place in the Columbia Colony where good people go to have good fun. The place I was born and raised, and the place I want to live and die.
Joel: Hey Josh let's go down to Hippie Hollow and make some wine with my dad.
by boat crew March 18, 2011
A person who wears a tinsle garland srand like a thong. Done to evoke laughter. Prank by young children.
Joel: What's up beard butt?

Sarah: That's what!
by boat crew March 29, 2011
a name for a non african american to call another non african american. this word is a friendly term, very similar to african american friends calling eachother niger
when five fiends are waiting at the poker table and their other friend is taking too long in the bathroom, one yells out "where you at nuckle"
by boat crew March 01, 2011

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