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2 definitions by boat

An awsome midi tracking program for the ancient grey gameboy. They dont make em anymore
while many electronic artists opt for advanced programs like "cakewalk" or"Qbase" i prefer the cold, primitive,
8 bit sound of "little sound dj".
by boat May 03, 2005
A warning issued on a nearly cashed bowl.
When smoking pot, if the bowl is almost cashed and you don't want to get blamed for passing the next person a cashed bowl, you can use the simple one-word phrase "disclaimer" as a warning to the next person that the bowl might be cashed. This is particularily useful when smoking with glass because there is no screen and thus the potential for the next person to suck through ash into their mouth Help from my friend Robb and Todd on making up and spreading the use of this word.
by Boat June 16, 2006