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slang for bitch, originating on the comedy network, chicken pot pie is now synonmous with bitch
Shut the door, you son of a chicken pot pie.
by Bo April 06, 2004
a straight homie that acts like a gay dude for some reason unknown
Quit aking like a metro-sexual, ok guy.
by bo October 27, 2003
Of ancient origin. Holy lands area. First said on the Place of the Skull. LJ is a secret word used between members of a sect called "The Way". Its meaning is hidden even when it is said in full.
Commonly used in hypocritcal circles in todays culture. There are few that say LJ and really mean what it stands for †
I LJ aka LoveJesus. I really LJ, do you?
by BO October 18, 2004
A pimp, a man who gets lots of pussy.
I'm bagged myself some carpet last night. Twice. And then once again in the morning.
by Bo December 04, 2004

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