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A drug made when you scrape the seed off the top of a poppy flower and when the liquid turns black that comes out you scrape it off and smoke it
by bo September 13, 2003
gay male street whore
look at that sidewalk sissy standing there
by bo April 19, 2003
A less popular form of butter face. It's a girl who you thought looked really could from a distance, but when you got up on her she looked more like a grizzly bear with tits.
"she looks good from a block or more away"

guy 1: "dude, check out that girl!"
guy 2: "hell yea. lets go talk to her"
*walks up close*
guys 1 & 2: "OMG blockormore! run!"
by Bo November 28, 2003
To urinate. Taken from "hey man im going to go take a piss." Noone actually takes it, they leave it.
"Hey man im going to go leave a piss"
by Bo November 28, 2003
The plant that marijuana is made from
by bo September 13, 2003
Ancient origin. Holy lands area. First said on the Place of the Skull. LJ is a secret word used between members of a sect called "The Way". Its meaning is hidden even when it is said in full.
Commonly used in hypocritcal circles in todays culture. There are few that say LJ and really mean what it stands for †
I LJ aka LoveJesus. I LJ, do you?
by BO October 18, 2004
A surfer that drops in on your wave.
Hey! My wave,shoulderhopper!
by Bo October 06, 2004
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