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Minor character on the American television show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" aired on the FX Network. Gail the "Snail" is the cousin of Dennis and Dee Reynolds. She is a glommer at family functions, is very irritating with the annoying habit of slurping her spit while holding a conversation with you, and the only known method for getting rid of her once she has glommed on to you, is to douse her with a huge quantity of salt. Salting the "snail" acts as a repellent as it causes her to shrink from your presence. She is know to puff medical marijuana at family funerals, drink monster energy beverages and dry hump shirt-tail relations all night long and go to local raves with glow sticks. She will proudly show too much skin at family gatherings, boasting that she has become more confident, has grown into her body and is no longer a virgin. She has an affection for giving hand jobs to her uncle Frank under her mother's kitchen counter, but her technique results simply in the mashing of Frank's penis. Gail is also referred to as the "Garbage Pail Cousin" and likes to "wake and bake".
by bnj61 August 13, 2010
The "Naughty Boy" is an Australian euphemism for the act of sexual intercourse. Popularized by the Australian television comedy series "Wilfred" about a woman named Sarah, her new boyfriend Adam and Sarah's dog, Wilfred. To Sarah Wilfred is nothing more than a 5 year old mixed-breed cantankerous pooch. However, Adam sees Wilfred as a man in a dog suit. They interact, watch DVD's together, eat nachos together and smoke pot together. The term probably originated when Wilfred tried to hump Sarah and she must have told him that he was a "Naughty Boy"
by bnj61 September 02, 2010
African-American with red hair and lighter skin with darker freckles. Distant relation to the "high-yellow" African-American
That Speckled Red looks like a baby orangutan
by bnj61 March 26, 2009
The loose, hanging and flapping foreskin of an uncircumcised human male.
It is the equivalent of a hoodie sweatshirt for the cock head. The size of the loose dangling foreskin cover defines the level of manhood, making it a "manhoodie". Akin to loose, dangling and flapping pussy lips on the human female.
by bnj61 March 02, 2012

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