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a derogetory term used to define a skateboarder usually by a person who rides bmx bikes
bmxguy: i want to ride today but there are to many footflickers in the skatepark

other bmxdude: i know where there arn't any skaters

bmxguy: yeah right

other bmxdude: the grass!
by bmxdude December 28, 2009
term used to express a skateboarder due to the fact that the wheels make loud noise and the riders fall often
last night some rumbletumblers came down my street at

3am and woke me up i was going to yell but i heard their

boards olie and the noise was silenced
by bmxdude December 28, 2009
term used to express anyone who attempts action sports due to the fact that they are prone to being hit in the balls especially while attempting a handrail
today im going to the skatepark to watch the dickbusters get hurt last time a guy was pissing blood
by bmxdude December 28, 2009
duech bags that get in the way of bmxers
bmx dude: i almost landed that tailwhip but i hit one of the skateboarders

friend: i know right

skateboarder: i think i need to go to the hospital my rib is moving

bmx dude: well i'm fine
by bmxdude December 26, 2009
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