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a medically equipped vehicle intended for the use of caring for people in true emergencies, such as cardiac arrests, or stabbing/shooting victims, but recently has become a glorfied TAXI of selfish, stupid, inconsiderate, dumb ass people who take the resources away from people who really need the help.
Edward - 54 year old male from San Francisco , "OH my gosh my wife is not breathing, I need an ambulance!"

Billy - 21 year old male from East LA, "I ah...dink I need myself one of them ambulances yo.....cause like Im having troulbe breathing.....cuz ya know...like I took too much meth man!"
by bmw4dea August 10, 2007
the act of shitting in ones own pants in order to get out of class. usually done by pre-teen boys
I totally forgot to study for the final today. When class starts, I guess I'll just nabra.
by bmw4dea August 10, 2007

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