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5 definitions by bmazz88

An encouraging thing to say to a friend who is spending beyond his or her means.
Jonathan: I'll take this beer and...
Anthony: He'll have a half pint of vsop.
Jonathan: Let me get a pint of that vsop.
Anthony: Do ya thang, do ya thang
by bmazz88 December 02, 2010
Something a boss says to his or her employees when the employees have completed all of their tasks, and the boss has nothing to make them do.
Mike: You guys are just standing around.
William: We're done with everything.
Mike: Why don't you get a hand truck and pull some product out of the back.
by bmazz88 December 03, 2010
To fist bump, immediately followed by opening your hand completely in an explosion-like manner.
After Dan and Steve fist bump

Dan: That was weak brozay.
Steve: Why?
Dan: You gotta pound and explode.
by bmazz88 July 31, 2010
To act like a tough guy when your friends are with you, to someone who you would not if you were alone.
Carlos and Jared: Did you talk any more shit to Bill when we were gone?
Xander: No, you guys werent here.
Carlos/Jared: But you're so tough, you have meaningless tattoos, you listen to rap music really loud, and you go by Xander instead of Alex or Alexander.
Xander: I guess we all just have friend muscle.
by bmazz88 May 15, 2011
A more fun way of saying, "do work." Most often used when hitting on a girl.
Riley: You see that hot chick over there?
Dan: You know I do, brozay.
Riley: I'm gonna go clock in and do work on her.
by bmazz88 July 14, 2010