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I am from New Jersey, but not anywhere in New Jersey. I am from Brick New Jersey. This is where there are 2 towns in one, but when you leave this place you all stick together like a fucking family. Where when someone says we're drinking beer tonight, you are drinking Busch Light. Brick as in we play that quarters game and beer pong and will fuck you up in any other drinking game you can create. Brick, New Jersey where the beach is a part of our lives, not our weekend. And of course we go to the diner and/or Wendy's at the end of every good night. We know we are trash and we love and endorse it, so get used to it. Brick , New Jersey. God I fucking love that town.
Bricktown kids dominate in beer pong.
by BLZ March 21, 2006
This agile yet strategic move occurs when a fine female specimen is lying on her side usually right after a duration of sex. The dominant male then squats carefully above her possibly sleeping head and gently or not so gently nestles his testicle into the cavernous gape of her ear cavity. He then carefully wraps his flacid penis (aka man-gina) around her face from her cheek to her lips thus offering the perfect in ear headset for her personal use, or until he kicks her out of bed because he needs his testi back.
That girl was adventurous. Wu she wanted, WOW'ed she got. She even let him give her the 'headset'.
by Blz March 08, 2006
Legal usa xiter
by blz July 17, 2003

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