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5 definitions by bluntman

smoke a blunt
blaze one?
by Bluntman October 07, 2003
35 13
What Christina Aguilera paints herself up with before she does a video shoot.
Wow,another Christina Aguilera video where she is covered in buttmud.
by bluntman December 07, 2003
7 8
shibby means cool, hot, horny, cool, hot, horny, weed, dope, bong
Yo, look at her...
Holy shit! shibby!
by Bluntman April 18, 2003
7 9
A player who was leet skills and knows how to ban haxzors who try and mess up games with cheats.
woot u baned the haxor your really tekish!!!
by Bluntman January 15, 2004
18 29
silver meaning gay, and cold meaning emo. so its gay and emo
the afi song "silver and cold"
by bluntman April 08, 2005
18 113