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A game played where a group of guy is around a toast and have to jack off to cum on the toast. Then the last one to jizz on the piece of bread has to eat it.
We played the toast game last night, thank god I didn't have to eat that semen covered toast.
by blumpkin666 March 19, 2011
When someone overuse spray tanning or normal tanning and have their face completely orange as a doritos, you can call her a doritos
*Douchebag and douchegirl pass by*

- Hey look at those doritos face
- They must taste like nachos
- Hahaha
by blumpkin666 February 09, 2011
When, after eating a lot of burritos, you get a crazy Mexican spicy diarrhea
guy 1 : Are you down for some taco bell?

guy 2 : No thanks my ass still burn from the last burritos attack
by blumpkin666 February 08, 2011

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