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Freddy is slang term for Yaba speed pill - drug popular in SA asia.

It derives its name from Fred Flintstone saying yabba dabba doo. Thus taking the name of the creator of the word Yaba and using it instead because saying Yaba is very dangerous and taboo. It makes it far easier to talk about in public and around asians.
Do you wanna go back to your room and smoke some freddy?

You got any freddy on you? wanna go and do it in the toilet?

Looks at him he's got freddy eyes..haha Come to freddy eyes.
by bluku88 November 20, 2012
When you smoke/chase to much Freddy and need to brush your teeth after. Freddy is slang Yaba or can mean Crystal Meth but isnt technically correct.
i've smoked to much and feel like i got freddy teeth. I need to clean me choppers cos they feel like thems going to falls apart Bluku.
by bluku88 November 20, 2012
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