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A word used for coloured people in the western cape in south africa,who have profound khoisan ethnic facial features.Its considered by everyone to be a derogatory word and is not used in a normal,decent conversation
Just look at that Hotnot
by blueskyes111 February 03, 2010
A white South African or white Namibian citizen of mainly Dutch descent who is racist,hates anyone of a different colour,who hates British people and who enjoys watching rugby while eating peanuts and biltong and drinking beer.They dont bath on a regular basis and like starting arguments and riding around in unroadworthy vehicles.After 400 years they are largely inbred ,due to trying to keep their race racially pure in South Africa and Namibia.Due to this they have higher than average heart disease and diabetes rates.Their appearance is usually overweight and are almost always loud mouths at the office.
The roads are quiet now,because all the Boers are watching rugby.
by blueskyes111 February 07, 2010

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