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1. noun. Male reproductive organ.
2. noun. A male chicken. Rooster.
3. noun. An unpleasant or mean person. "he's a cock"
4. verb. To behave in a cocky manner. ex. "to cock off"
5. verb. To mock, tease, harass, annoy, parody, deride, ridicule, jest or otherwise make fun of another. To give one a hard time. To pull one's leg. ex. "Are you serious or just cocking me?"
6. verb. To prepare something for use. especially a gun.
7. An expression of displeasure at a situation, used similarly as "shoot," "crap," or "dammit".
8. noun. In some localities used as a reference to a females genitalia as well, thus making it a gender neutral slang for reproductive organs.
9. Adjective. Sometimes used to describe the elite characteristic of a particular item or group of items. ex. "That car is cock" or "That car is THE cock"
1. She kicked him in the cock.
2. There's a cock in the henhouse.
3. That guy cut me off, what a cock!
4. He was cocking off so I punched him.
5. Jim cocked Dwight.
6. He cocked the gun before firing.
7. Cock! I dropped my pencil.
8. She kicked her in the cock.
9. Those rims are totally cock bro!
by bluesizzle February 19, 2009

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