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To express indignant disbelief at another's fanciful proclamation.

Typically accompanied by the stroking of a non-existent goatie beard.

For some reason "reckon" is pronounced "reh-kon" rather the usual "reh-kun".
"I managed to cop off with 5 birds on Saturday night."

"5? Chinny reckon."
by blues x man July 13, 2005
To receive entertaining/unexpected search results after a typo (i.e. a goof) when using a search engine (especially google)
"Dude, I was trying to find an image of a scart cable but goofled and dropped the 'r' ..."
by blues x man March 14, 2006
To make excessive usage of TLAs in written communication (especially IM and text message), in order to reduce the number of key strokes required to express oneself.

A contraction of "acronym" and "economise".
"I do acronomise heavily, but that's a function of my laziness, not wishing to type things like 'laugh out loud' in full all the time."
by blues x man December 08, 2005
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