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Jared Leto is possibly the most underrated actor. he is so amazing in movies like lord of war and requiem for a dream. He is also the lead singer of 30 seconds to mars, one of the greatest bands ever!
im sick of everyone going "OMG HES SOOOOO SEXY, I WANNA ROOT HIM!! yes hes sexy but he is truly one of the greatest actors/singers and has one of the most amazing voices youll ever hear!

oh and to all the 30 seconds to mars fans..."Provehito In Altum!" - youll know what it means
fangirl: " OMG i just love 30 seconds to mars because jared leto is sex on legs!!"

true fan "yeah he's hot but have u actually heard their inspirational and amazing songs??"


true fan: .....
by bluefurrymonster August 05, 2007
lead singer of my chemical romance, a great band.
But gerard i think likes the sound of his own voice since he hogs interviews!
interviewer: "how are you guys?"

other members of mcr: "...gre."

Gerard Way:(cuts in) "were great thanks, now lets talk about me and my sexy voice!"

by bluefurrymonster August 05, 2007

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