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When having anal sex with a fat chick, you pull your dick out and you fill her belly button with the shit stuck to your dick.
So I'm slammin it in her soupbean and I consider going for the pink sock, but since I work for her dad, I decided to just give her The Peanut Butter Cup instead.
#pink sock #soupbean #anal #sex #alabama hot pocket
by blueSiclone January 26, 2011
Another word for the anus.
In order to properly complete The Peanut Butter Cup, one has to find a dirty fat chick who will let you toss it right in the ol' soupbean!
#the peanut butter cup #anus #butthole #cornhole #fart chimney #brown eye
by blueSiclone January 26, 2011
A girl takes a stool hardener until she becomes impacted. A guy then scoops the "coal" out of her ass into the mouth(coal car) of another girl that is waiting.
I was planning on giving her The Peanut Butter Cup but she said she was too stopped up to let me put it in her soupbean. So her cousin begged for a Coal Miner's Daughter!

She said my dick was too big to toss in her soupbean but I was able to talk her into a Coal Miner's Daughter!
#soupbean #shit #scat #poop #ass #anal
by blueSiclone January 27, 2011
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