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1) when you like/love two people at once, not necessarily resulting in cheating on one of them with the other.
2) when someone dates another person, breaks up with them, and dates their best friend.
Example 1:
Joe: Man, I'm in double trouble. I like Mary and Alissa.
Rob: Can't help you there. But can I have the one you don't pick?

Example 2:

Nicole: If you ask me, Marina's getting into double trouble. She went from Travis to Nick and those two are like, supertight.
Kim: Yeah, she's bound to be disappointed.
#double #trouble #dating #sex #love
by blue eyed angel September 16, 2008
What a woman has when her bra is too small and her breasts spill over the sides. Not as bad as a regular muffin top but still annoying from time to time.
Travis: Did you go out with Marina last night?
Nick: Yeah, but damn. She had the worst mini muffin top ever. I almost said something about how she should buy bras that fit.
#muffin #top #bra #mini #gross #fat
by blue eyed angel September 16, 2008
1) something that started out good but got much worse very fast
2) something that sank
Example 1:

Alex: That mixer last night rocked!
Marina: Eh...not for me. It pulled a Titanic around the middle.

Example 2:
Kim: Oh my God, out boat has a hole in it!
Nicole: It's gonna pull a Titanic soon, I guess.

#titanic #pulled #unfortunate #bad #suckish
by blue eyed angel September 16, 2008
an adjective describing someone who is completely and utterly obsessed with how their AIM profile looks
Kim: Wow, Mindy's pro looks awesome!
Natasha: That's because she's procd. She worked on it for 3 frickin hours.
#obsessive #compulsive #disorder #profile #ocd
by blue eyed angel September 16, 2008
Used mostly in the Baltimore area, a blood traitor is a girl that dates from a "forbidden" school.

"Forbidden" schools include but are not limited to:

Boys Latin
St. Pauls School for Boys

Most of the "offenders" either go to Bryn Mawr (BMS) or Calvert.
Alice: God, can you believe Lilly's dating a BL guy?
Kristen: I know. She's such a blood traitor. Remember the Calvert guy she dated?
#blood #traitor #baltimore #preppy #bitches
by blue eyed angel September 17, 2008
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