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Detonater cord a stable explosive with many civil and military usages. It is graded in grains of explosive per foot and resembles clothes line.
The engineer used lengths of det. cord to link the main charges prior to demolishing the old building.

The combat engineers wrapped lengths of det cord round the girders to cut through them.
by Blue Cawdrey November 23, 2004
UK: Name given to a range of drinks prefered by people with a predisposition to alcoholism recognisable by their low price and high alchohol content.

VP, QC Sherry or fortified wine.
Tennants Super, Carlsberg special Lager
Diamond white Cider aka Petrol.
Newcastle Brown (Dependant on usage).

An alternitive term is Sheep Dip.
Drunk guy in shop doorway with optional, urine, vomit, dirty blanket...

Geez us Fify P fora cupa tee mate.
(I need fifty pence towards another bottle of drink).

Passer by: Poor old cunt, if I give him fifty pence he will spend it on idiot broth, Oh what the hell, here y'are.
by Blue Cawdrey November 21, 2004
Genre of Movie containing a mixture of the following:

The trailer or introduction is always read out by the same guy, you know the one, him with the deep croaky voice; "IN THE LAND BEFORE THE TIME OF ...."

The hero, who even though he has has muscles in his shite wears a short little skirt thing no matter what the weather and a pair of sandals.

His village, parents or pet gerbil get wiped out by the bad guy.

He meets a mentor who is an old man of vaguelly Asian appearance who will train him in martial art and motivate him.

He is given a mythical weapon, usually a bloody great broadsword or axe that would give lesser men a double hernia just to lift up, it sometimes has a name.

He will meet up with and make friends with some very strange characters during the movie.

He will meet up with and make enemies of some very strange characters during the movie.

At one stage he will be captured and tortured, making him grunt, sweat and writhe a lot before his improbable escape, probally a plus for the ladies.

He will need to find some kind of talisman or jewel to defeat his enemy.

His enemy will be pug ugly, really evil and have some weakness that the talisman or jewel will exploit, he may have a dodgy sidekick to break up the dramatic flow with a sprinkling of humor.

The enemy may leave something behind before he gets his just deserts, for the sequel.
Bill: Arnold Schwarzenegger is on television tonight in a sword and sandal movie.

Bob: I would rather watch Rambo, the plot is so different.
by Blue Cawdrey November 23, 2004
Software that attempts to filter out spam email.
Spam filters work in several ways.

1) IP blocking; orginzations like Spam cop provide lists of IP numbers known to be used by spammers.

2) Word list; Spammers repeatedly try to sell the same stupid products so emails containing words like viagra, mlm, bigger penis, remove me ect; are blocked.

3) Heuristics; In an effort to get round spam filters spammers hire people that do have a brain to create more and more elaborate emails. Heuristics is a way using smart programing techniques to block these emails.

Spam filtering is an ongoing race between the spammer and the human race over who owns the inbox.

Helping your spam filter:
1)Never contact, buy from a spammer or click on a link in a spam email.
2)Turn of HTML in your inbox spammers have ways of knowing if a HTML email has been viewed.
3) Never click the on the remove me link in an email, spammers are liars and it will verify you as a live email address for more spam.
User: I have just recieved an email offering me a larger permenantly erect penis, larger breasts, an opportunity to share my credit card details with a nigerian bank worker who wants to give me $16, 000, 000 and access to unlimited prescribed drugs.

I am not sure if I am ready yet to become a mega rich ladyboy with a permenant hard on who is addicted to valium. What can I do?

System Administrator: Hang in there I will check the spam filter
by Blue Cawdrey November 23, 2004
1) UK: A member of the British army that knows every paragraph, clause and sub clause of the Kings or Queens regulations, a book regulating discipline in the British forces.

2) A person that can get out of trouble by a thourogh knowlege of the rules.
Squady 1: Private Houdini's been charged with insubordination, do you think he will be found guilty?

Squady 2: Nah! He will get away with it again by quoting Queens regulations, he is a true barrack room lawyer.
by Blue Cawdrey November 21, 2004
A way of writing familar to computer programmers. Some high level computer languages do not understand spaces. Sometimes the underscore is used as a substitution or alternetivly Intercapping is used to join words.
This sometimes filters through to mainstream use in written communication.

Rem Underscoring
var_one random_Number = (1*16);

Rem InterCapping
varOne randomNumber = (1*16);


by Blue Cawdrey November 19, 2004
UK: Derogative term describing fortnightly British social security cheque paid to the unemployed.
Lets go and cash the lager voucher and get pissed.
by Blue Cawdrey November 18, 2004

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