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When a bunch of guys jackoff into a glass and a sexy slut swallows it after stirring it.
I can't believe that Chrissy drank that cum milkshake. Must have a been 20 ounces of jizz.
by blowmenow February 04, 2008
A women who sucks dick, swallows the cum and then drives home in an old Acura Legend
That Acura Whore sure can suck cock!
by blowmenow February 04, 2008
When a guy or preferably a bunch of guys cum all over a girls face.
Me and my buddy gave Christina a Frosty Finish last night. You should have seen all the jit on her face
by blowmenow February 04, 2008
When a porno addict watches porno movies for hours or days while masturbating.
I got me three fuck films and I am going to jack off all day. Fuck film festival horray!
by blowmenow February 07, 2008
A guy who jacks his cock for hours every chance he gets.
I'm a Jackin Fool no doubt. I just jacked off for 5 hours and came a big load of jizz.
by blowmenow February 05, 2008
A long period of male masturbation generally watching porno films. Sometimes the man will squirt his load on a models picture.
Today I think I will have a Jackathon as I have a big load to shot on her face.
by blowmenow February 05, 2008
In Porn the taking of 13 hot cum loads on a girls face, tits and mouth. Quite a wonderful sight.
All 13 of us came on the cunts face giving her a Bakers Dozen of jizz.
by blowmenow February 05, 2008

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