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Elite military unit initially entrusted with guarding the life of the now decesaed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and mostly composed of Saddam's loyal fellow Sunni tribesmen. Evantually, it was expanded and had full fledged infantry and artillery divisions attached to it. During the First Gulf War, it put up a ferocious and determined fight in the face of a massive and all but unstoppable U.S military advance into Iraqi occupied Kuwait, despite being severely outnumbered and outgunned. During the Second Gulf War, however, most members of this elite military force opted to withdraw and melt into the civilian population rather than spned their lives in a futile and suicidal effort to halt the inexorable U.S advance into Baghdad. Although the Republican Gurad was formally disbanded in 2003 by order of the occupying American authorities, many former Republcian Guard members are part of an ongoing insurgency directed at the U.S and its allies in the current Iraqi government, often putting their honed combat skills to good use against unfortunate American soldiers.
A hardened veteran, the former Republican Guard commando easily slew the U.S Marines entrusted with guarding their base from insurgent attacks.
by blow-fly August 05, 2008

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