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n. 1: a species of wrathic awesome ripped wrathbeasts
the blood wrath beast dominated the puny human in the duel.
by bloodwrathbeast March 18, 2003
n 1: THE GREATEST WAR EVER fought in the galaxy of Red Power between the allied blood wrath beasts and the black wrath warriors. They fought evil Summoner the VI.

Bloody Sun was won by the Allied wraths
by bloodwrathbeast March 18, 2003
adj. 1: pertaining to the ancient wrath beasts...they were wrathic 2: a war fought between two wraths.
the WRATHIC beasts were very witty (witty means cool)
by bloodwrathbeast March 18, 2003
n 1: the great leader of the blood wrath tribe. He was known for his powerful rippage ability during battle...a.k.a Dapu
Dapu wiped out millions of people with his mighty farting ability
by bloodwrathbeast March 18, 2003
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