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Mournful, grandiose "deep and meaningful" pedestrian music produced by artists taking themselves too seriously, for people who take their trivial problems too seriously. Usually depressing slow tracks which would not be out of place in a sales rep's Mondeo.
Sob-Rock Bands: Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Elbow, Travis, Keane, Radiohead, U2, OneRepublic, Embrace, REM, Matchbox Twenty.
by bloodmeal February 17, 2010
The ability to create your own words as you see fit. From "fabri" to fabricate, and "Lexical" of or pertaining to the words or vocabulary of a language.
I am incredibly fabrilexical.
by bloodmeal June 11, 2009
The method of typing using two thumbs, most commonly used on a blackberry.
"I wrote that text out bithumbularly"
"The keypad encourages you to be bithumbular"
by bloodmeal September 26, 2009
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