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4 definitions by bloodchills

Mob justice delivered over the internet, by informing the masses of how much of a sick fuck someone is.
4chan obtained internet justice by tracking down the cat abusers and pushing to have them arrested.
by bloodchills February 19, 2009
99.999% of all people playing any particular game all think they are complete Rock Stars, and totally AWESOME at the game, when in fact that is the exact percentage of people who totally suck at the game in question.
Bloodchills: Scrubby, you have caught the Delusion of Awesomeness. See your doctor, breh.
by Bloodchills November 02, 2009
Typically this is a comment about someone who is really stupid, or so unconcerned about their safety that measures need to be taken in order to protect them from themselves and others from their dangerous tendencies.

Alternately, this might indicate how high on drugs a group of friends will get.
Exhibit A:
John: My cousin is coming over today and he's really really retarded. I have to hide the cutlery or he'll eat it, throw it at his eye, or jam it into a blender and start pressing buttons while dancing nude in the kitchen rubbing egg yolk and flour over his genitals.

John's friend: That is: hide-the-cutlery retarded.

Exhibit B:
Louise: My boyfriend gets so stoned after parties he pukes and sleeps in it frequently, and I'm really worried that he might hurt himself. Last week I found him so stoned that he was doing hot-knives in the bedroom and he fell asleep with the torch on. Luckily he didn't knock it over when he started convulsing.

Louise's friend: He sounds like he's hide-the-cutlery retarded. Just hide the knives and maybe he won't try doing any late night hot-knife sessions?

Exhibit C:
Mark: Dude I just scored a 1/4 lb of some prime Jamaican gummy hash!!!
Mark's friend: Let's get hide-the-cutlery retarded!!!!!
Mark: FUCK YEAH!!!!
by bloodchills July 21, 2010
When you see something you wish you had not seen.
I clicked the link and it was too late. Her giant hippo genitals scarred my eyes, and now I want a memory abortion.
by bloodchills February 23, 2011