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A version often spelled other ways, such as Kristen, Kristin, Cristen, etc, but Christin is the rarest. Broken up, the word is spelled to read "Christ-In" meaning "Follower of Christ.

The rare spelling corresponds with this rare personality, which is both caring and sexy. usually INFJ personality type, which is the rarest (go to the jung typology test to see what personality you are).
This girl is rare, special, and unique...must be a Christin!
by Blondyyninja February 02, 2010
honeychothers are a pair of honeys...the term is used to abbreviate when two people are honey's for each other, or 'honeychothers.'

This term can also be used in the singular 'honeychother' to describe 1 person in a pair of honeychothers.
"I love you honey, we are very special honeychothers!"

"Honeychothers for life!"
by blondyyninja February 02, 2010
When playing Halo 3, male players can "tea bag" another player after killing them...when a girl does this, however, it is referred to as "Vagina-balling"
Halo player 1 (female): Shot you, haha!
Halo player 2: Whatever, I'll get you next time
halo player 1 (female): But I still got your pride...Vagina balls! (squats over player 2 on the face, repeatedly)
by blondyyninja February 10, 2010

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