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2 definitions by blonde808

Kyle's are super sweet, they are always hot! They always have amazing eyes. Kyle's are every girls dream guy! You have to be careful around Kyles because they are easy to fall in love with. They are good kissers, and they are very protective. Kyles are very funny and are good at making you smile. You wont regret knowing one!
Kyle is the most amazing person I can think of!

Ya I know right!
by blonde808 June 18, 2011
Amazing guys! Funny as hell! Always smoking hott!!! They enjoy climbing other peoples trees, and often have people yelling " Dom get out of my tree!" Doms ushally sleep in oter peoples beds......... and under them! Doms always get the hot girl in the end because of their looks and their crazy fun to be around personalitys! You will be lucky if you ever get to meet a Dom! They are the funest type of guy to be around, and very hot!
Wow Dom is sooo amazing!

Ya I know!
by blonde808 June 17, 2011