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An expression used usually between two or more people in order to describe any newly discovered object, definition, situation, etc. This is something that one party is not aware of or that they possess the wrong definition or knowledge of.
"Hi John have you seen the new version of Internet Explorer?"

"Oh yes Internet Explorer 7?"

"No no no, Internet Explorer 8 Beta?"

"ahh yes the other white meat"
by blluefish1 April 22, 2009
A term used to describe the accidental unwanted release of faeces when clothed. This can be during times of diarrhoea or when over zealously trying to push out a fart for amusement.

The plain meaning is that the Brown (faeces) came out of the body.

When a brownout occurs the unfortunate victim usually suffers embarrassment, shame and has the need to head home.
Antony was the victim of a brownout on the way to the store and had to go straight home to shower and change his pants.
by blluefish1 June 07, 2009
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