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usually used in tha rap industry regardin to a rappa's status
2pac's well sold albums earned him platinum status
by blitz December 04, 2003
A PC user is a user that puts up with a lot of crap. They are able to with stand microsoft's stupid shit, and are proud of it. They are mainly the "high tech" people of the world.

You can tell who they are by them asking the same question multiple times, or by the look of their desktop

NOTE: they think they are 1337, haxx0r, roxx0r.
John: Yeah I upgraded to XP. I am such a haxx0r!
Sue: Really? How good is it?
John: I don't know... but can you help be find my documents?
Sue: NOOB!
by Blitz January 05, 2004
It is like doggie style only you use mud/shit. You fuck the chick in the "mud." This will create high amounts of pleasure, in many cases, some type of disease.
Think of pigs in a mud pit fucking each other.
by Blitz January 24, 2005
A worthless login networking protocol, that uses NO BRAIN power to break into. As long as you have complete access to the MDF. However, they provide, the only foreseeable victory over the evils of SCO. (ps linux is better). MAC OS X PANTER 4 EVER! Like linux, but ACTUALLY WORKS 110% OF THE TIME!
I am a mac user. I dont need no stinking NO Hvell!
by Blitz January 07, 2004
Where a a male or female have sex. The next day the male of the intercourse then starts to brag about it to his friends. (The female evs drops or has a investigator tailgate the male).Later then is castrated by the female he had intercourse to. Thus, end the male's sexual life.
Joe: Dude, when i saw sara lastnight... Oh man... I started at 1st 1/2 base, went to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base... then I came home! I fucking did her lastnight!
Brian: Cool...
(Someplace else)
Sara: Okay.. Thanks Brian. Who has scissors?
by Blitz January 05, 2004
somthing that happened but according to science, shouldnt happen
ghost are paradox
by Blitz June 18, 2003
A special police force in Europe. And a pretty alright band.
riker is a dumb fuck.
by blitz September 18, 2003

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