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A loosey is a single cigarette.. not oral sex! what's wrong with you people
'Im gon go down to the store to pick up a loosey from the Arabs'
by Blitz July 31, 2004
see also Cambridge. The Cambridge Bubble is the force field projected by the University Library tower, and has a radius that includes all univeristy-owned sites in town, and stops at the reality checkpoint lamppost in Parker's Piece. The bubble's effect is to cut the students and staff of the university off from the 'real world'. Outside events cannot break through the bubble. The bubble's distorting effects also effect students' abiltiies to socialise, measure time, think logically, and can cause mental disturbance.
'Since she entered the Cambridge bubble all she thinks about is her once-fortnightly trip to Coco's, essay deadlines and where her next cafe latte is coming from.'
by Blitz November 30, 2004
A city in Holland where there is legalized prostitution, marijuana, and pretty much everything else. You can drink, smoke, and fuck at 16.
When I was 15 I went to Am-Dam and smoked a joint of salvia than saw hookers in glass cages...good times.
by Blitz August 31, 2003
To chase after cock like a hound chases a fox. One who wants cock over and over and over and over again.
by Blitz March 06, 2003
being famous on the street; people of the streets who's on top of their game
see that man? he got street fame
by Blitz November 05, 2003
Another word for "Speed bump"
Guy:What was that?
Guy2: The Maginot line
by Blitz December 01, 2003
the complete and utter disintergration of ones jaw through one punch
shut it or i'll rock ur jaw
by blitz April 13, 2005

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