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3 definitions by blissyu2

An idiotic worker in the information technology (IT) industry.
Those IT guys are such itiots, they don't even know how to fix a computer.
by blissyu2 August 26, 2009
A manager who would prefer to put their head in the sand rather than deal with problems.

This kind of manager effectively encourages workplace bullying and harassment and allows the nastier co-workers to run the show.
John: "How come Joe is able to get away with so much? Is he sleeping with the boss or something?"

Bill: "Nah, we just have an ostrich manager. He won't do a thing."
by blissyu2 December 21, 2010
An ironic and often insulting way to describe something that you expect to be large but is in fact incredibly small. Can be used when you start saying gigantic and change mid sentence.
Girl: Wow that football player is gigantic-ally small.
Girl: Oh god your cock is so big! It is (has a look) gigantically small... Get away from me you loser.
Canteen lady: That soup ladel is gigantically small, wow it is so small isn't it?
by blissyu2 November 15, 2010