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Kanye West
The dick interupted Taylor Swift...enough said
by blingtastic September 17, 2009
A chick's pubic hair that is so out of conrol it looks as if her cunt has an afro.
1. Man I dont even know if I got it in, I couldnt see past her afrocunt!

2. I'll need a machete just to tap that chick how else am I gonna get through that mad thick afrocunt?!
by blingtastic January 19, 2008
The excepted right for people to be able to make fun of others of their own race and not get in any trouble for it.
The Jew can say, "man you were on that faster than a Jew on a penny" and the African American can say, "yo you run faster than a black guy from the cops". Whereas if anyone else did they'd just be a dick because they dont have the racial license to say such things.
by blingtastic January 19, 2008
A person thats not jewish but has jewish relatives therefore may share some jewish traits and/or mannerisms.
Man what a jew-in-law. You see him dive for that penny?
by blingtastic December 30, 2007
When sumone loads up on cologne or perfume instead of taking a shower because they dont wanna use too much water.
I dont think he even showered man, smells to me like he just took a quick jewish bath before coming.
by blingtastic December 28, 2007
1. A chick that's mad nasty at guitar hero.

2. Some pussy ass dude that plays guitar hero like a little girl.
1. Man she lays down those riffs like a true guitar heroine.

2. Dude whats wrong with you? You're shreddin like guitar heroine.
by blingtastic December 28, 2007

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