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The inability to climax during sex, commonly caused by a high level of toxicity in the body.
We were going all night long and because i was so cumstapated, I just had to fake it.
by blingblongbling March 16, 2010
Neologism/Portmanteau: Pooter Cruising

The willful, purposeful, and deliberate act of hunting, searching, or "cruising" for female genitalia, or the more common colloquialism, "pussy."

Commonly used to describe the hunting activity of a persevering and enduring man or woman during prolonged blue-spells (masculine, i.e., blueballitis) and wet-spells (feminine, i.e., aquagina).
Dying, my grandfather turned to me and in a whisper said, "I tell you, when at the time of your death you look back on your life, you will remember one thing. Pootercruising. When sex-deprived you go to the pub and ply ladies of loose morals with tequila, in the desperate hope of the Pooter."
by blingblongbling March 16, 2010
Neologism/Portmanteau: Panda Dicking

The purposeful, willful and deliberate act of ungentlemanly gentleman hunting for "exotic" encounters with women of primarily Asian descent in order to achieve personal sexual gratification.

Also see Pootercruising.

Unrelated to New Zealand wooldicking or having actual sex with Pandas.
Me and the bros are going to grab some orange chicken, after which we will go pandicking down Broadway (followed by high five).
by blingblongbling March 16, 2010
Pronunciation: \ˈriŋ ˈnä-kər\
Function: noun
Date: 21st Century

: young male that fancies, pleasures, and/or promotes the sexual gratification of married, older women commonly referred to as "cougars" : the doer of dirty deeds to dilettante dames : a weekday afternoon tennis pro : a successful divorce attorney : a pool boy entrepreneur : intelligent, efficient, and industrious young student burdened by debt : a "plan B" kind of a guy : a "plan Z" kind of guy : participant in awesomeness
That Ring Knocker my professor is dating, was a creative and hardworking student of hers.
by blingblongbling March 16, 2010

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