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when u spread your ass cheeks and someone licks ur bum-hole
I dont want to toss your salad.
Do you want your salad tossed?
by bling bling October 14, 2003
To have something taken from you by smooth talking or strong convincing. Not as violent or non-participatory as being High-jacked, being lowjacked involves ones own insecure or gullible nature.
"He lowjacked me out of my bling by flattery and making me feel uncomfortable that he didn't have any!"
by bling bling March 07, 2005
A term used to refer to someone who is completely useless.
Good one, ya cuntflap, ya broke tha fucken chair again!
by bling bling February 28, 2003
A manwhore who has an insatiable appetite for the male genetalia. A man who herds cock through man on man sexual conquests.
After many trials and tribulations Troy became a master cock herder
by Bling Bling July 01, 2003
She has a pegina.
by bling bling October 14, 2003
evry crappy bad word u could think of when describin someone!!!
crap!!! that guy is like a freakoff!!
by bling bling March 29, 2005
A small creature who lives in holes; the holes vary due to stuff!; to do somfing;
I'm gonna gopher me up some chicken!
Please god don't let the gophers hurt me!
by Bling BLing April 25, 2003
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